Below some of my favorite shots, if you want any of the pictures, feel free to copy them. If you need higher resolution, this is mostly also available.



That here was in Singapore on Marina South looking towards the City during National Day (everyone waiting for the fireworks)


Singapore, typical HDB flats (Housing and Development board)

Experimental Jazz session in Singapore, DBS auditorium. Have a closer look where they play the instruments!

"Great Beach" on Sentosa (Singapore) with oil tankers lined up


I have no clue what that sport is called (Maybe someone can lighten me up). But it looked quite interesting. They played in Teams and they needed to place it inside the circle, and of course it had to still spin at the end of the game. Than they got the points. This was in Malacca, Malaysia.


Not sure anymore where it was: Either Indonesian or Malaysian Sunset.

Great Beach at the "Nirwana" resort in Bintan, Indonesia.

Even better beach in Malaysia. Why? Because almost no tourists and since I want to keep this beauty for myself I don't give you the name :-) sorry.


Near Lake Taupo, New Zealand.

Mosque in Johor Baru, Malaysia


Hmm, I really would like lay on this beach right now, with the same company again! Pulau Rawa, Malaysia


Outsch! Only saw it later on what happened on that picture on the way to Pulau Besay, Malaysia


Melbourne (Australia) Train station at Night

Which layout works better for the Sydney (Australia) Opera House and Harbour Bridge?


Which layout works better for the Sydney (Australia) Opera House and Harbour Bridge?

A pitty it so dark (I guess I have to go back during hte day) "Ingrown" tree at the Botanical Garden, Sydney, Australia.


Stuttgart, Germany at night, taken at a bloody cold night from the Stuttgart TV tower.

Nature "bites back" near Owen (Castle "Teck"), South Germany


Sunset near Owen, South Germany

Nice overhang at the Wentworth Falls track, Blue Moutains in Australia.

You had to go down (and later up) some stairs. Hmm was this picture taken up or down?


Near Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, Australia


(Part of) Jenolan Caves, Australia

Nice Wildflower, Blue Mountains, Australia. Anyone knows the name?

Just a mayestic tree somewhere between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.


A nice "marmorized" beach strip in Wilson Promotery, Australia.


Sunset near 12 Apostal, Australia

Roundview in Wilson Promotery, Australia


Picture taken in Bondi looking toward Sydney, Australia

X-games in Sydney, Highflyer in Halfpipe.


Skyline Sydney city and Operahouse at night, taken from underneath Harbour Bridge


Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, Australia


Lovely, if I would know the name it would be better.
(Blue Mountains, Mt Solitare track, Australia)


Tree "on the rocks"
(Blue Mountains, Mt Solitare track, Australia)


Viewing Platform on the backside of the touristy area in the Blue Moutains, Australia


Have a close look: Burnt out tree, barely supported, green sprouting on top! Taken near Tableland road, Blue Mountains, Australia

That's what I call a "Tri-pod"
(Blue Mountains, Mt Solitare track, Australia)


Taken frm Ship, towards Sydney city, Australia


New Year 2004 in Sydney


"We have a lift-off"
(Blue Mountains, Mt Solitare track, Australia)

Just look at the view! (Past me)
(Blue Mountains, Mt Solitare track, Australia)


Just look at the view! (Past me)
(Blue Mountains, Mt Solitare track, Australia)

Hmm, got a bit self centred at the end here. Well, lets see when I put some more photos up. Maybe I change that.


Seagull somewhere in Queensland, Australia

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