This section is aimed at the people that know me!

Hi there, you will find some pictures here of me and friends. I only put some Highlights in there of what I am doing in Australia.
If you need any of the pictures in higher resolution, just conatct me. Mostly I have them available in 1600 x 1200 or higher. This is good enough for photo quality printout in A4 size!
All the pictures will open up in a new window.

Have fun!

2003/4 Sylvester in Sydney


Finally it's here:
My Bicycle trip across Europe, USA and Canada

If you have a small screen, click here to watch it without the navigation on the side :-)

Due to a lot of thumbnails on the page, be prepared to load about 900 Kb in total to be able to see all 295 thumbnails)

Please bear in mind that my trip is work in progress! Not all links might work!


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