you wanna know some stuff about me? Below my life in a nutshell:

Stepping stones:


all right, guess what, 1974 in my domain name is my birth year (all right you might have guessed that one already...) and I'm born on the 28. July

Went to primary school in my home town Nordheim ( later on went to higher secondary school (Hoelderlin Realschule) in Lauffen (
During that time I developed quite some liking for Racing and Mountain biking. I can't really say I had a striking good time at school, so I went straight in to become a bookworm and after that I took up biking.
I made my passion my job and went for 2 apprenticeships at a Bike shop ( in Heilbronn ( for about 6 years.

In between I went for a nice "little" trip trough Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, USA and Canada for 3 months.
After the second apprenticeship and before I started to work for "real" I did another trip trough and nearly halfway around Australia for 3 1/2 months. Before that I meet my first love. Damn was I in love!

I worked for another 1/2 year before I got an offer to work in Singapore as a Technical Advisor. Hey, I loved traveling! Sounded like a once in a lifetime chance; doesn't come everyday. So I took it up.

(Sunset in Singapore, view from Marina South towards city)

Unfortunately my love did not stick to me very long after I left Germany. I certainly learned a lesson (or more. WHAT is for everyone to guess or experience) Took me quite a long time to get over it, especially in the view that I bought a house in Germany with all intentions to move in there once I return from Singapore.
Well, guess what, that House is for sale in my sale pages...
My work in Singapore was a little bit stressful with some persons to work there (Should this be read by a customer, don't worry, no single customer was as bad as the origin)
Unfortunately, I got a little bit lazy lately in view of biking (But I still managed to ride so hard, that I damaged 2 frames in Singapore...)

(A link path to a National Park in Singapore)

But I did do some Dragon boating while I was in Singapore (1998 to 2002) Just check out the Dragon boat website which was also designed by me. I just have no clue how long it is going to stay up there, as I have no longer any access.

(Dragonboating the Singapore River)

I guess I made some great friends while I was in Singapore, hope the friendship lasts.
I had a great time there!

(Pulau ...?, Malaysia)

Beginning of 2002 I moved to Australia to take up a job for the same company as Technical Sales Manager, and so far it is "great stuff" here no more troubles that I faced in Singapore (Even tough I could have imagined living there).
Well, in Australia I enjoyed some great Hiking and Mountainbiking. Natures great, Taxes are demolishing... Not much left from my pay... but I am making the best of it.

(Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls track, Australia)

My time in Australia ended April 2005 with some differences between my head office and my local office. So I ended up in Germany for 7 months.
By that time I also decided it was time to do something better and started a distance learning course for Bachelor B.A., but so far: There is never just enough time to do the studying... let's see how that progresses.
End of 2005 I was sent to Kuwait for 3 months to help start-up a company office there and help out in the initial queries comming from the customers.
The stay there was a real interesting insight to the muslim world.
Any Kuwaiti reading this: I only met friendly people in that country too bad too many people have a negative feeling for this area of the world.
They are missing out on something :-)

(market in Kuwait)

In February 2006 I was back Germany,and helped out here and there, but without any right "direction" in my job. Felt kind of like hanging in the air.
End of 2006 finally the issues in Australia have been settled and a new Subsidiary was to be opened.

(new office building)

Since I knew the market and previous proceeding I was the first choice to help get the subsidiary get started up. Originally planned to be there for just 3 months, but then extended another 3 months. During this time I did get quite well along with the Managing director there and he asked me to stay. So we tried for a work permit (initially for 2 years). After some hick-up getting it in time, and not overstaying, I finally managed to get it in July 2007.
Which sets me up for the next 2 years.
I have the full intention to try a permanent residency permit after or within the next 2 years. Whoever got some tips HOW to achieve that the easiest, feel free to contact me! And for everyone else: Wish me luck!


Some of my fun stuff I've done (Note: dates back some years!) includes also designing websites. OK all a bit basic, but it is for fun. (Check out:,,, (Challenge: How do you put Arabic (or Chinese) in a website without knowing any?) and of course this site here.To the above sites I have no longer any access, so there might have been some changes or they might no longer be there at all)
And before someone criticises my website: All done myself, no "templates" and it is not receiving my full attention anymore, got better things to do :-)
If you find a link that does not work: LET ME KNOW
If you want to complaint about the design and layout in general: You can write me, I will read it and then decide if it is important enough to change.

My brother also tried some webdesigning (all in German):
Family website:
Family business:
Fathers birthday present: (for Sale!)




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