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Why is there no e-mail link? Because I got so much spam since I am online by automated machines, so I had to put the e-mail address as a graphic on this page to trick automated search engines!

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please write to me if I should have infringed any Copyright or if there should be a joke that could get me in legal trouble.

Please give details about which page it has been on, where on the page is has been on and why it is a copyright infringement. I will try to explain or remove the problem.
Unfortunately, it is near impossible to check out each source and check all jokes for any laws, somewhere out there. I try my best not to be an "outlaw". If I WOULD double check everything, this would be a full time job and not a hobby...

Legal notes :
Any charges that are filled against me against any copyright infringement that I may have on my site I will not accept.
Since costs should be held low and correspondence by lawyers is a more time and money consuming exercise and therefore not justified in comparision to writing me a simple Fax or e-mail on below contact details!
Any infringement found on this website (www.markus1974.de) can easily be clarified and content removed by me if it is a proven copyright infringement.
All content on this site not written by myself is based on received mails from visitors or other copyright free websites, magazines or newspapers content.
At times of publishing this content I am not aware of any copright protected material on my website as I try to avoid this.

Please just write me to the following address:


Fax: +49 3212 123 5447

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