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Day 14, 112km, Average 15.5Km/h, Vertical: 1800 m: France, Esperanza - Bourg Madame

Day 15, 55km, Average 18.7Km/h, Vertical: 145 m: France, Bourg Madame - Spain, La Seu

I only started at about 13:00, and additionally I had head wind most of the time. But on the other hand, biking is really good at the customs. The officers saw me panting up the hill, watched me getting closer, when they saw that I was slowing (to get my passport out) they simply cheered me on: "GO, GO, GO,..." and waved me trough.

Day 16, 85km, Average 21Km/h, Vertical: 565 m: Spain, Le Seu - Fordada

Today was anotehr good day for a change, despite raining until 12:30. (But I also started only just around 11:45 to wait the rain out.) First half of the day I drove on well built roads along the Rio Segre (downhill) than into the hillside to reach the Campground. The road to there was barely called a road, but was a nice drive. On the map is a small short way to my direction (compared to the long official way) I hope I can find it.

Day 17, 112km, Average 21.1Km/h, Vertical: 620 m: Spain, Fordada - Mequinenza

Some of the roads are quite good, despite traffic, since (in comparision with German roads) feature wide emergency lanes where one can dirve without being bothered by close passing cars. Unfortunately, sometimes that piece of the road is not always blessed with good pavement...
Today I had a technical BLACKOUT: My right hand crank broke away! I purchased that thing especially for the tour and paid 350 Euro for it, and it simply breaks off!!!
Lucky me, it happened not too far off the next bigger city where I did get a spare (wasn't easy paddling with one crank! (Luckily the crank broke at the place leaving the sprockets still connected to the bottombracket and left crank))
I think the high average speed is also helped by the fact that I am in Backcountry: Very few intersections (no need to study the map) and not too much traffic to be annoyed at.

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