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Day 12, 116km, Average 18.5Km/h, Vertical: 775 m: France, Balaruc - Bizanet

Just before reaching Bizanet, France, nice village view.
Whole day was sunny today. Really nice to drive. Midday the wind freshens up and gets stronger by the minute. At the campground they even speak German (managed by a Dutch guy) and they even provide fresh bread in the morning, perfect! And best: So far the cheapest campground in France.

Day 13, 81km, Average 16.5Km/h, Vertical: 1025 m: France, Bizanet - Esperanza (No Picture)

Whole day cloudy, whole day head wind...
I really don't feel all that good, hope nothing's brewing together. Met the first Germans since a while. Some motor bikers that are also on the way to Portugal.
I think today I have a new record: I have eaten one whole Baguette, 10 milk rolls, 5 chocolate rolls and a number of musli bars!

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