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Day 4, 102km, Average 18.1km/h, Vertical: 970 m: Switzerland, Liestal - Bieler See (No picture)

Switzerland, near Bieler See (Lake), Almost raining the whole day long. Felt a bit cold. Hope nothing is coming up. I guess I have to revise my food estimates: The loaf of bread which I thought lasts 3 days is gone after 1... The body certainly demands more than usual.
It was not only raining almost while day long, but in the flats I also had head wind for most the time. I guess I prefer mountains. At least going uphill you can be sure there is a reward waiting going downhill... With headwind, it's just WORK without reward!


Day 5, 85km, Average 16.5km/h, Vertical: 715 m: Switzerland, Bieler See - Vallorbe

I hate this wind! I had it the whole day long! Well at least I had no technical defects or flat tires yet.
I just wonder how the tent will handle the constant wetness. Every morning I have to pack it wet since the thaw is sitting on the inside.
I reached the french part of Switzerland. I guess it will be awhile to come before I speak another word of German again...


Day 6, 82km, Average 19km/h, Vertical: 905 m: Switzerland, Vallorbe - France, Champ fromier (No pictures)

Today there was only one hill up!



40 km up and than 40km down.... The weather today was quite extreme. I started in the warmest clothes I had (at 10 °C) and still felt chily and ended up in shorts and short sleeves! (35 °C)
The campground today is closed, but the green is available. If I am lucky, I don't pay anything today (But also no shower, no toilet, no (working) water tap!)


Day 7, 100km, Average 21km/h, Vertical: 640 m: France, Champ fromier - Les Abrets

Today was great! The first 60 km I had an average of 23 Km/h ! Than the first head wind striked me again in the Rhone valley. You thinnk it's flat there? Think again, for every little village the road goes up the hill.
But, the weather is great as well is the campground today.


Day 8, 81km, Average 18.6Km/h, Vertical: 745 m: France, Les Abrets - Palais Ideal Hautrivers

Well, that's how day's change. As fine the weather was yesterday it's bad today. From 12 o'clock onwards which is still raining when I am writting my book. Today I drove teh wrong way not once but twice (a detour of 18K's !) The area seems to be really nice. I guess it would have great in sunny weather. Well, it was not supposed to be... I have a bit of a hard time finding some food. Let's see if I got some later on without getting wet, necause it is still raining cats and dogs..


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